New daily moisturizer from Dermalogica that protects, hydrates and gives skin great luminous glow effect.

Rich hydrating creme with broad spectrum defense is activated by visible light to help boost skins natural luminosity. Light-activated chlorella vulgaris increases the energy at a cellular level to produce more collagen, resulting in plump, radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Prisma Protect keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day thanks to humectants such as glycerin, as well as the powerful skin-replenishing plant based compound, saccharide isomerate, which locks in moisture for longer than most other humectants thanks to its ablity to naturally bond to your skin cells. Meanwhile the inclusion of sclareolide, a natural component in sage, reduces inflammation to help maintain an even, pigmentation-free skin tone.

This is a great all in one product and just in time for our spring/ summer healthy skin routine.

All Dermalogica products including the new release are available for purchase at our spa.